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  1. FuzzyLogician's Avatar

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    Anyone else having this issue? When I launch Cut the Rope from my start screen (Lumia 920), it fails to load. I get this:
    Then I just get a black screen and nothing happens. If I launch the game from inside the games hub, there are no problems.
  2. havox22's Avatar

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    Yup, I think its like that for all, I went to leabe a rating mentioning it, & I saw a few others who mentioned it.

    It really sucks, because its impossible for it to run in kids corner
  3. FuzzyLogician's Avatar

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    Well at least I'm not in the same boat. Thanks for the info
  4. Keckpec29's Avatar

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    Mine does that, I just go straight to multitask menu then back to game and it works.
  5. FuzzyLogician's Avatar

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    Ah yeah, that works. Sloppy, but it works.
  6. ZeptoLab's Avatar

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    Hi guys,

    Sorry for this issue. The bug has been fixed, the new update is coming.

    Best regards,
    ZeptoLab Team
  7. 5tephen's Avatar

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    I can't get past the main start screen for it. I clicked start game and get a black screen.
  8. robert brand's Avatar

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    Update has been released today, looks to have fixed that issue. RB
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