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    anyone update crimson dragon today? my lumia 900 has been on the fritz since updating it. it's currently frozen, and every time i reboot it it'll become frozen again.

    turned off my wifi, so it doesn't try to start d/l and install on boot up. phone back in working order after doing this. I have cancelled download of that update, since it doesn't seem worth the hassle.
    thought it was going to brick my phone!
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    I didn't get an update today. I'll keep it in mind as I have a L900, though.
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    It seems as though it now works on WP8
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    Just wanted to close the loop on this. I believe win phone was freaking out because it was trying to install a large game with not enough space left. Kind of annoying if this is the case since there's no indication of the problem. I freed up space and it installed with no problem after that.

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