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    Quote Originally Posted by Tahiti Bob View Post
    @George I would somewhat agree if the platform holder wasn't also making the Xbox. Microsoft has a longtime relationship with game developers and publishers and the Xbox 360 has been incredibly successful. It's fine to lag behind iOS and Android in features when you're a young OS but gaming should be the one area where WP should be at least on par with the competition.
    I agree with you 1000%. That is exactly how I feel and is my main topic of debate amongst my colleagues.
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    When Unity's WP8 support becomes available, I expect that we'll see quite a few cool games.

    I do wish MGS would make Age of Empires and maybe even Halo Wars for WP8.
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    Halo wars for wp8? Mind blown, I can only dream...
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    There're great apps too but some developers are lazy and never update them (Ex: Line Birds, Call of Carlos etc), although they have thousands of downloads.
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    well, i just want to see some good quality and long good games on wp8. Not thousand or million of game that have no quality :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnnylai View Post
    well, i just want to see some good quality and long good games on wp8. Not thousand or million of game that have no quality :)
    While I do see quality games in the Windows Phone Store, I agree they need to be longer winded.
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    The App Store has a ton of junk, but at this point iOS is so inundated with good games that you have to specifically look for the bad stuff to find it. The crap on the WP marketplace doesn't bother me, what does is the lack of good games. It's bothering me that the good games delisted because of compatibility issues with WP8 still haven't been patched. It's also a concern that games announced early in 2012 have yet to show up.

    It's not the end of the world, as I think the OS can stand on it's own. They need a much stronger showing in the app store is they want to ensure sustainability for the platform. Maybe we're going to be hit with a deluge of new games over the next few months, but I've yet to see any encouraging news. Although, I'm definitely looking forward to Skulls of the Shogun.
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