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    If there are any L920 users out there who are RPG fans, or gamers in general, and you're not playing doom & destiny, you should go download and play it right now.

    It is easily in my top 5 phone games of all time (I've owned ios, droid, and wp), and is on a level playing field in terms of quality with Final Fantasy 3.
    It's a seriously funny and well balanced game, and costs .... $0.00

    go get on that biz and thank me (but really thank the devs) later

    lumia power!
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    Thanks for the recommendation! Downloading now...
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    While I don't think its quite on par with FF3 (assuming you mean FF6 which was rebranded in north America) I think that it is one of the better mobile games available on any platform. Another strong recommendation here.
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    I'm 15 hours into this game and still trying to figure out why they haven't charged for it. It's a great game with so much content it's easily on par with old school Final Fantasy games.
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    Yeah, this game's pretty incredible considering it's free. Certainly would've paid for it.
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    JUST found this game....so awesome!!! People that played it found any other like it ? I want random pixelated dungeons!
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    Try Dragon's Blade I & II
    ​Final Fantasy I & III
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