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    just wanted to know what ringtone you guys are using on your wp8

    i personally love GUITARING & SUMMER FRUIT...i had them on my HTC HD7 and now i have it on my Lumia 520 too !!
  2. Coreldan's Avatar

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    Never used the default ringtones... Made my ringtone into Manowar's Hail and Kill as soon as I got the phone.
  3. Oakdale Dude's Avatar

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    There are a couple of apps in the store where you can download various Nokia Ringtones from other devices ranging from the new Lumias to the Nokia 5800 and beyond. I picked up a few tones that I like such as Europe Hot Cakes, Computer Talk & Bright Eyed.

    But mostly I use the Jay & Silent Bob Rap Ringtone
  4. metalchick719's Avatar

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    Glitter is hands down my favorite ringtone on my 810 and 920. My mother has a great ringtone on her 620 that I love but don't have (her phone is from Malaysia, so it's probably an exclusive for Asian Lumia models) called Mekong Butterfly.
  5. Sydney Cooper's Avatar

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    I like Mosaic and Dewdrops
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    I have a L620 and my favorites ringtones are Brimful, Sizzle Brazil and Latin pep (From Nokia) but now i'm using (and loving hehe) ParachutePanic ringtone from the game Parachute Panic HD.
  7. someoneinwa's Avatar

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    I use the Nokia tune. I think it is the one that was released with the 900: modern yet still the classic tune. I want everyone who hears my phone ring to hear that Nokia tune. More than once, people have told me they recognized it but couldn't place it. Gives me a chance to tell them what they are missing.
  8. aximtreo's Avatar

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    Dancing Queen by Abba

    Lyin Eyes by Beatles
  9. Pete's Avatar
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    Kashmir by Led Zep. Definitely ring-tone worthy.
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  10. ejb222's Avatar

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    :( on my WP7.8 L900 I use several. Jeff Buckely All Flowers in Time as overall ringtone. Feist Mushaboom ending for my girl, Linus & Lucy by Guiraldi for my mom, I think ACDC Dirty Deeds for my Dad.
  11. iop777's Avatar

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    My current ringtone on my 520 is I am a God by Kanye West
  12. 4hab's Avatar

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    I made my own, based on this tune:


    Starting at 1:08 :)
  13. faceless_el's Avatar

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    The theme to Mr. Rogers neighborhood. It always brings a smile to my face even if I don't want to answer the phone
  14. Pete's Avatar
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    The theme to Major Nelson's Podcast.

    From Assassin's Creed II

  15. sumton's Avatar

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    Silk, i haven't changed it since the day i bought my phone
  16. AuraTigital's Avatar

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    I use Giants by Magnus Moone. I found out about the song from Nokia's Lumia 928 video on the Octacopter:

    My ringtone is 1:03 into the original song.
    If you wish to download it, here ya go: Giants.mp3
  17. montsa007's Avatar

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    I use a custom one, name of the song is "Evasion by Koolsax", something like that I think.
    I may start a thread about custom ringtones in future ;)
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    This blog entry has a link to some of my ringtones...
  19. Shawn Magm's Avatar

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    I like the ease of adding your own own ringtones. I use some Star Trek ringtones (red alert, communicator sound, transporter sound, whistle), Star Wars ringtones (R2D2) and Batterstar Galactica (Cylon eye scan sound) as well as some Disney ones.
  20. Dadstar0410's Avatar

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    I use BRODIESMITH21 as my ringtone haha (those of you who watch EverythingUltimate's videos on YouTube will know what this is), but it is really easy to configure. I love WP8's simplicity 😁
  21. LTTG's Avatar

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    My current ringtone is Keypumper.

    Sent from my GT-I9003 because my beloved Lumia is charging :'D
  22. JMBasquiat's Avatar

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    I'm currently using Blackberry's Spirit ringtone. It's great.
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    Really digging that default T-Mobile ring tone...most definitely an all time fav!
  24. Musaib124's Avatar

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    My tone is violin from sherlock Holmes BBC one played by sherlock in sadness on death of Irene idler.
  25. C LaBelle's Avatar

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    Im using the lion king opening song.
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