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    Hi guys. Just wanted to say Hi, new to the forums and new to Windows Phone. I want to make some custom wallpapers for my 920 but not sure what the Resolution is on the Nokia Lumia 920. I have the Width at 768 and the Height at 1290. Still not sure if 72 is the correct Resolution for the 920?
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    Go to Settings -> About. It'll tell you. I'm pretty sure it's 1280x768 but you might as well check for yourself :p

    Edit: ok,i see what you mean. It doesn't actually matter; so long as it's set to 1280x768 it'll be the right size. I don't know why there is even a "ppi" setting; that depends only on what display you are using. FYI the lumia is something like 330 ppi.
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    Thank you for your help shinygerbil. I will set that in PhotoShop and see how that turns out. Thanks again.
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    And post some pics of what you create ;)
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    You need to turn on the bluetooth of your phone :'(
    hiba aryan
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    Quote Originally Posted by hibaaryan View Post
    You need to turn on the bluetooth of your phone :'(
    Whoops! You must be in the wrong thread!
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    Definitely wrong.
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    I'd love to see some custom wallpapers, post what you've made. Would be cool if you could make some for other models too!

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