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    Well that didn't workout as I planned.

    Bought a new XBOX two weeks ago. Dan told me to order the UFC fight tonight on it. So I did. Invited friends over to party.

    Once the fight started the resolution was garbage. Ordered HD but this is blurry as heck. Not sure if it's a bandwidth issue or what (I have pretty good internet here), but it was unwatchable. I swapped back to cable and ordered through there now and am watching a proper HD feed as I speak.

    Anybody know how to go about getting a refund?
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    I'll be honest here. I highly doubt you'll get a refund, regardless of the issues. This is one area that I am incredibly disappointed in with Xbox streaming.

    I had issues with a streaming video once. Purchased it, and went to the Xbox. Xbox said that it was past the "14 days" even though I downloaded it no more than a minute ago. Contacted support within the hour and they couldn't refund it because "this is a non refundable purchase." Even after explaining the situation to a T, they eventually just added the movie back into my account to let me rewatch it... even though I had already went out and rented it physically. Awesome.

    Its worth a try, but I am skeptical. Let me know what happens for you, because this was one of the most frustrating things with Xbox this past year.

    EDIT: Even in this case, I'm not sure who to contact. Since it was purchase through Xbox, I'd assume them. 1-800-4-MY-Xbox in the US.
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    call that number within two weeks to get an automatic refund by the official xbox support staff.
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    i think you will not get the full refund

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