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    I tore open my old xbox 360 and found plenty of useful stuff inside it. One thing I found of my interest is the cooling fan used to cool down the console. I'm planning on making a ship, and to make that ship move i want the cooling fans spin. How can i put a power source into them to make them spin?


    XBOX 360 Controller Analog Stick Cap USB Cooling Fan for Xbox 360 Slim video game accessories
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    The fans will likely have input specs on them, you'll need to provide the proper voltage they require. You'll likely need a power supply (from a PC or something) to provide this.
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    Depending on the voltage of the fan, you would probably be fine running it off a 9v battery, assuming it's a 12v fan.

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    Its much easier to use scalextric car engines; just wire them to some AA batteries. They're not very powerful though so it would need to be a small boat.

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