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    Xbox One Offers A Possibly-Better Way To Wait For Multiplayer Matches
    Smart Match: Microsoft Explains Xbox One's New Matchmaking - IGN

    "Once Xbox One is done finding your perfect match, it will prompt you with a simple toast—no matter where you are or what you’re doing—so you can jump straight into playing."

    Yet another clue pointing to Windows 8 integration/functionality also....
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    Cannot wait for this part of ecosystem to align! I can see my WP8 showing me a toast and me gaming on my Xbox One! :)
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    Is the term "toast notification" something that is specific to Windows 8?

    Doesn't the 360 have Toast Notifications now?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Curtieson View Post
    Is the term "toast notification" something that is specific to Windows 8?

    Doesn't the 360 have Toast Notifications now?

    No, when I put 2 slices of bread in my toaster oven, I get a toast notification when the bread is properly browned.

    On a seriously note, toast notifications are not WP8/win 8 specific.
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    How familiar are you with Win 8/RT? I think it'll be similar execution where you get this notification sliding from the top right corner. Clicking/tapping it will take you to the app that sent the toast notification or some other similar functionality.

    Quite similar to those on WP8 where you get the bar on the top of the screen that you can either slide away or tap open whatever sent the toast notification.
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