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    I know that Windows 8 / RT have Xbox 360 controller support (initially thought only to be for wired controllers, but also work for wireless ones). Is there currently--or will there eventually be--support for Xbox One controllers? I'd love to use it on my Surface RT to play certain games like Pac-Man CE DX+. If no support now, is this something they could patch in with a Surface update, or if it doesn't work now it never can?
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    I believe that they said it will be coming in 2014.
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    They have said this would indeed come in the future.
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    Is there any word on whether the receiver will be more conventional than the one for the 360 controller? The whole 6' cord with a giant fob on the end is a little dated. Plus it never really worked that great in my opinion. The Logitech F710 uses a little dongle like modern wireless controllers. Am I to assume that Logitech is more technologically advanced than Microsoft? I should hope not.

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