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    Thought it may have been an idea to try the new 'Windows 10 Upgrade'. It took a moment or two to figure out the procedure as the W510 was new'ish to me at the time.

    I proceeded into this upgrade with only WiFi and a 16GB Multi Micro-USB pen drive. It was allowed to install the image downloaded from Microsoft.com. All went according. Thankfully, considering the the port dis/reconnects prominently. So winX installed.

    WinX running on Win8.1 device: The upgrade was over. Everything was okay, for the time withstanding. After discovering windowsTN was awfully slow and unattentive to the users wishes, I decided to drawback to win8.1 to recover the loss of speed, RM, functionality, privacy, the endorsement. Knowing ultimately it was possible to go back to an earlier state in time, relatively speaking. I went ahead with PLANNED-b.

    After, some time I finally deinstalled windowsX and reinstalled windows8.1. It was about to work, and than something strange happened unlike ever before. The Acer Iconias W510 asked if I would like to Clear the TPM Module. Yes or No. Press up for yaddayadda.

    I said yes...... Thinking it was a refresh of the I do not know, exactly because I didn't exactly make it. Upon, agreeing to Wipe TPM Module, the Tablet would now NOT access current newly installed windows8.1 because the HDD has decided to lock itself. Because No TPM is in place?

    Since then, possibly a few months and some have gone by and I still have this issue. What to do next.. even though I know, I need to find someone that has an inclination without, having too....

    It seems easiest to relieve myself from this task and fund somebody for their ability to fix this intrusional. How to fix it using only micro usb. No mouse, No key-board. Althought ulternatively I could. What do you think? Just pay to see the end of it now or fix it myself with help and learn how to manage this issue if it were to arise once more.
    02-18-2016 10:34 PM

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