02-12-2010 12:10 PM
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  1. Johnny5Walker's Avatar
    One of the only reasons i would go to windows mobile right now(android user, sorry) is because of HTC hardware.

    the only real updates that i would be looking forward to is winmo 7, although i like the zune like homescreen, looks quite functional and quick.

    and I have to agree with pretty much everyone else on the forum when i say that customization and flexibility is the one of the biggest draws to Winmo. that and the HD2.
    12-31-2009 02:07 PM
  2. jankyhanky#WP's Avatar
    I don't understand why they haven't ditched WMP entirely for the Zune.
    12-31-2009 02:41 PM
  3. Johnny5Walker's Avatar
    i imagine there going to be making a very very zune friendly wmp for winmo7. Microsoft also has an xbox 360, and/or a pc in so many homes. I think they will come up with somesort of integration between all of these devices. This is a serious advantage microsoft has over the competition, they just need to find ways to take advantage or it.

    eg. use your phone to check all gamer profile/score, or to talk to your xbox contacts. use your phones speaker phone as a communication device instead of having a headset on. or individual game stats, or a map come up on the phone while gaming, similar to what logitech keyboards have, except windows phone's all have big(ish) color screen's and a real processor to push the pixels.

    have an easy way to share music and video between all of these devices.

    overall im hopeful that microsoft will revamp winmo into a platform that stands out in a crowd of an highly competitive handhelds
    12-31-2009 03:27 PM
  4. linear2202's Avatar
    1. FWIW's the releases of WM haven't been THAT far apart. Mary JO-Foley has a recent article showing the time span between releases and it's not as long as the public is lead to think. One problem is the time lag between the RTM of the OS and the available of it on phones. There is also the issue that once the iPhone came out and leap frogged everyone, this time frame between OS updates lasts an eternity because of the all the chatter about the new UI.
    But Microsoft has proven that unless there is real competition they don't innovate the way they should.
    It certainly looks as though they are becoming more responsive to the mobile community but only time will tell.
    2. No other. HTC is it.
    3. There is probably no one answer for this. Perhaps bits of many things. One in particular is the rumor of them making their own phone. I do believe they won't make their own phone as to not allienate partners, but to finally has specific hardware requirements is a great thing. Past WINMO phones were annemic hardware wise and should never have been on the market. This resulted in poor performance and I'm sure has contributed to the market perception that WINMO sucks.
    4. I don't have specific experience with Nokia smartphones, but I have used their Internet Tablets up to the N810. I have no idea how much customization can be done on the Nokia phones, but that is probably what I would miss most if it's not present. Plus, the money I've already spent on apps over the years would be a big hurdle for me to move over. I've been using WINMO since the Audiovox 5600 Smartphone came out in what, 2003 I think.
    5. As I mentioned above, I'm not experienced with the Nokia platform, but here goes.
    A. Do you like to tinker and customize? If so, Winmo is for you and expecially HTC because of the XDA community.
    B. Do you like Apps without limitations? The WINMO marketplace isn't huge, but the applications are numerous through Handango and directly from developers-if you are willing to research on the web. When I say limitations, I mean waiting for updates to appear in the marketplace when you know the developer has submited, trials.
    C. Do you know how to use Windows on a PC? If so, then generally speaking WINMO is not a huge difference. You won't have a steep learning curve.

    I hope this helps.
    12-31-2009 04:09 PM
  5. cafe_civet's Avatar
    Who is your favorite hardware manufacturer for WM? Motorola, HTC?
    12-31-2009 04:56 PM
  6. linear2202's Avatar
    Who is your favorite hardware manufacturer for WM? Motorola, HTC?
    Are you talking to me?
    12-31-2009 06:04 PM
  7. Sayo's Avatar
    Who is your favorite hardware manufacturer for WM? Motorola, HTC?
    HTC seems to be the only one putting any really effort into their Windows Mobile platform these days, both through current software UI modifications and general lust-worthy hardware.

    Microsoft needs to release a branded flagship device with along with their Windows Mobile 7 OS to really steal the show.
    12-31-2009 08:20 PM
  8. Macattack's Avatar
    As a result of some of my frustrations with Windows Mobile, I recently bought a Nokia E75. The S60, 3rd Ed. OS has a lot to recommend it, but I have found frustrations and limitations here as well.

    Here's my perspective on your questions from both sides of the aisle:

    1. I believe Microsoft has become too large and bloated to remain lithe and responsive to market trends. Microsoft has been real big for a real long time, but the technological half-life has been reduced to a matter of something like 2 or 3 months, especially on the software end of things. Because of this, I don't expect MS to ever become properly responsive to the market. I guess they could work very hard to change their corporate culture, but the bigger the company, the harder it is to change an embedded culture.
    2. I have used HTC, E-Ten, Samsung, and Motorola WM devices. E-Ten was horrible. Overpriced garbage with terrible design, execution, and software. The Motorola was a very nice WM Standard device (Q-9c), but very large. Samsung devices are great to look at and have great ideas in them, but the rev. A (and sometimes rev. B) execution is often off. Then they take too long to get ROM upgrades out the door. (Witness the Samsung Epix.) I have been sticking with HTC devices of late because they have generally great hardware and well-thought-out software implementations. Another great benefit is the never-ending parade of custom ROMs available from XDA-developers.
    3. I think the problem here is just neglect. It seems to me that MS has a tendency to get a product to the point where they believe it is a market leader and then forget about it for a while until it is clear that the market has passed it by. I have been using such devices since they were called Palm-Sized PCs in the late 90s, and the internet buzz was that MS was losing to Palm and might need to fold-up shop. MS responded with the original PocketPC in 2000, which was outstanding for its time. They followed quickly with yearly updates for a couple years to refine the product. At that time, no one had hosted exchange on devices (there were no phone-editions with OTA data connections at the time), and MS just sat on their laurels for years, falling behind. I think they wait until a competitor embarrasses them before they react.
    4. When I tried moving over to the Nokia E75, I really missed the software I had on my HTC Fuze. I had a really hard time finding equivalents for S60-3, and when I did, they were sorry, feature-wise, compared to their WM equivalents. There were some direct equivalents, like SPB Wallet, but most were feature-poor.

    I also really missed HTC's build quality. Right out of the box, I thought that the E75 was really well-built, but that was an aberration. The E75 does not seal out dust from getting under the screen. It is terrible. I bought a T4 Torx screwdriver so I could remove the screen assembly every couple weeks to get the gobs of dust out from behind the screen. As a mechanical engineer I really appreciate thoughtful design. I can tell you that the internals of the E75 show very little thought for the little things (like mitigating dust intrusion). Even if S60-3 was the perfect OS, with a perfect user experience for me, I just cannot bring myself to use a device with poor engineering. My Fuze has seen hard, daily, in-the-field use for 8 months, yet it's slider is still tighter than my less than two-month-old E75. I had always read about Nokia's great build quality, but I'm not seeing it.

    5. I would tell a Nokia user that:
    A) You're going to find a lot more software for the Windows Phone platform and it's generally much more mature and feature-rich.
    B) From my experience, you're likely to find issues with both the short-term and long-term robustness of Nokia's designs.
    C) I can't think of anything else. Nokia devices and S60 have quite a lot to recommend them, and I wish I could call the combination a real alternative to Windows Phones because I'm also fed up with them on many fronts.
    12-31-2009 10:15 PM
  9. Tacos's Avatar
    I don't understand why they haven't ditched WMP entirely for the Zune.
    I personally like having a lighter media player, one not necessarily connected to a service, as an option to play files... thought the Zune service itself really is quite slick looking. Absolutely a step above most everything else currently out there.
    12-31-2009 10:59 PM
  10. onlineaddy's Avatar
    entry for giveaway
    01-01-2010 03:34 PM
  11. NPR_Aficionado's Avatar
    To answer number 1. I am really hoping that the 6.5 release was the start of Microsoft doing more regular updates. Hopefully, a year later we will have WM 7, and then OTA updates can follow! If that happens, 6.5 to 7 in a year will be a dramatic step in the right direction for Microsoft.
    01-01-2010 11:00 PM
  12. jankyhanky#WP's Avatar
    Windows 7 was magic. I am hoping WinMo 7 is just as good. I'm also rooting for Symbian to catch up.
    01-02-2010 04:39 AM
  13. Fobok's Avatar
    Totally agree about Windows 7. Microsoft is starting to realize what the customers want, so it might just extend into Windows Mobile.
    01-02-2010 10:25 AM
  14. Jeffrey#WP's Avatar
    1. Microsoft will become more responsive to the mobile community as their market share continues to drop.
    4. If I had to give up my Windows Phone, the feature I would miss the most would be the tight integration and syncing with Outlook. I sync contacts including the contact's pictures and categories. The other thing I would miss is a good podcast player that has an integrated player such as Pocket Player. It can download podcasts automatically over Wi-Fi so that you don't have to use your 3G data connection.
    5. The three things I would tell a Nokia Experts reader to convince them to buy a Windows Phone is a. lots of applications to choose from (in addition to Windows Marketplace), b. great integration with Microsoft products, c. many different hardware form factors to choose from.
    01-02-2010 11:42 AM
  15. Johnny5Walker's Avatar
    ive never used an s60 device, although it does look very useable. but this maemo looks pretty impressive. will be even more impressive if some more good dev's can get their hands on it.
    01-02-2010 05:44 PM
  16. NPR_Aficionado's Avatar
    [*]Most of the Windows Phone devices I have used have been HTC models. What other manufacturers do you like for Windows Phones?
    Well, I used to love Palm WM phones, but that looks to be no more. So....I don't really like any others. The new LG looks promising, but nothing seems to touch HTC!! They are making some great hardware, both for WM and Android!
    01-02-2010 11:54 PM
  17. Fobok's Avatar
    Can't really think of much more to add, so mainly a contest entry this time.

    I will say, though, that most HTC reviews I've heard have been good. Better than, say, LG, or Motorola, which seem to have a number of negative reviews floating around each phone. (Except the Droid for the latter.)
    01-03-2010 11:38 AM
  18. jankyhanky#WP's Avatar
    Although I just switched over to an android phone, I really miss the Outlook integration too. HTC has a great desktop sync tool, but there's no native Tasks, Notes, or Office client on Android to sync with. I'm using a mix-and-match of Google and other services to do the same things I did with Outlook but over the air.
    If WinMo 7, myPhone, and Office 2010 can tighten up cloud syncing and totally revamp the OS I might just come back to Microsoft. But if Nokia accomplishes the same thing, there is going to be some serious competition.
    01-03-2010 07:26 PM
  19. Manu2192's Avatar
    Hello everyone, this is Matt Miller from Nokia Experts kicking off a discussion for the third week of the Smartphone Round Robin. I started using mobile devices back in 1997 with the Palm Pilot and then in 2001 added Pocket PC devices to my collection. I have been a HUGE fan and advocate for the Windows Mobile platform so this week I actually am covering a platform I am intimately familiar with. Like Nokia, Microsoft has been in the game quite some time and even though neither OS is as flashy as Google Android or the iPhone, I think you will all agree they are both still valid, extremely powerful, and highly customizable.

    To generate some discussion about Windows Phone and help you get some entries into the contest for your own Windows Phone device, I have the following questions for you all here:

    1. As a Windows Phone fan I have been frustrated by the apparent slowness of Microsoft to get updates out to users. IMHO the release version of WM 6.5 was lame and what I have seen with WM 6.5.3 is what we should have seen with WM 6.5. Will Microsoft ever change to be more responsive to the mobile community?
    2. Most of the Windows Phone devices I have used have been HTC models. What other manufacturers do you like for Windows Phones?
    3. I have also been extremely frustrated with Microsoft in regards to services because they could have easily been first with a hosted Exchange program so everyone could have had an experience like BlackBerry and an on-device software application store. Microsoft has the technology and the intelligent people to get these things done, as we see with the Zune HD and Xbox 360. Do you think it is the large corporation culture, inability to really understand what people want, or something else that prevents Windows Phone from leading in these types of areas?
    4. What Windows Phone feature do you think you'd miss the most if somebody replaced your device with a Nokia smartphone?
    5. What 3 things would you tell a Nokia Experts reader about to convince them to buy a Windows Phone device?

    ....there's plenty more to talk about, so don't feel limited by the above. Remember, every day you make a post in this thread for the next week, you'll be automatically entered to win a smartphone! More details at www.smartphoneroundrobin.com
    1) I feel that Microsoft has already started to show a positive stance toward its mobile community. I remember playing around with Pocket Pc's, and remembering how many times they used to freeze up and drop calls, add random events to the calendar that would go off at 2 am, and so on. It really got me turned off by the Windows mobile technology. Then, I did some research on today's WMo phones and saw that they generally improved. The new operating system has fewer flaws, and the phones provide the user with much more than just a calendar, Microsoft to Go, and phone capabilities.

    2) Haha, I think that when it comes to Windows Phones, HTC dominates the playing field. If I had to choose with another make, I would probably have to go with Samsung and the Omnia II. Its cheaper than HTC and provides decent quality to its operations. Its a good deal I think.

    3)When I analyzed what The deal was with the "Curbstomp" technology WMo phones had to cope with, I came to the conclusion that WMo phones never had enough research put into it. I sort of believed that Microsoft put more emphasis and $$ into its individual products at different times, so one division was provided with more funding than other. When XP was done, Microsoft started to provide more funding to the 360, keeping MP3 players and Mobile tech at a standstill, as well as its OS development. Therefore, Vista was released, the Bulky Zune Original was unveiled to compete with Ipod Nanos and the Video, and Pocket Pc's were literally 'All the Rage'. Then, they got smart with their money, and because the 360 became the most sold console two years running, everything got a lot more funding, so the new WMo 6.0 software came out, Win7 came out, and the Zune HD came out. So ya, its corporate culture that destroyed their initial WMo phones and OS'; however, now that they got smarter with their funding, it should be better.
    4) I think I would miss the OS the most. Though the Nokia has its perks, I have never been that impressed with it. WMo has a lot of potential with updates and exchange servers. The 6.0 OS can host a lot of new features!
    - The New 6.0 OS is not a disappointment at all, it can host so many new features that it will be a hard task to become bored with it.
    - If You want amazing streamlining with your PC and Phone, then this is the way to go. Sync features in cars also work amazingly well with WMo phones. And New Updates with other Microsoft software can be an open door to dozens of possibilities (haha maybe we can expect some kind of Call feature on your 360, using a synced Wmo phone to call an Xbox Live Friend).
    - Though they have been moving slow, their still trucking. Microsoft will definitely develop better technology within a few years. Zune HD. If you aren't impressed now, wait a few more years until they create the ultimate phone. Heck, they are probably working on it right now.

    I hope I can grab a WMo from this contest. I really wanted to use the new 6.0 Software and do work with it. I've loved my other smartphones (Mostly BlackBerry), but I wanna give Windows a try!!
    01-03-2010 11:28 PM
  20. onlineaddy's Avatar
    Let's do this again!
    01-04-2010 12:51 AM
  21. Johnny5Walker's Avatar
    as htc sense gets more and more comprehensive we see less and less of winmo, which is probably making htc a little nervous about winmo7. what if wm7 is just the best interface ever, will htc continue with sense just to differentiate themselves???
    01-04-2010 07:52 AM
  22. Manu2192's Avatar
    as htc sense gets more and more comprehensive we see less and less of winmo, which is probably making htc a little nervous about winmo7. what if wm7 is just the best interface ever, will htc continue with sense just to differentiate themselves???
    Thats a good question, I asked my self the same thing. Will HTC Sense be discontinued when WM7 gets into the market? Since HTC is probably the leading phone that uses WM6.1 as an OS, I wouldn't see why Sense would have to continue itself if WM7 over took it. However, HTC knows their phones better than Microsoft, so I would rather favor more streamlining between HTC and WM7 than just complete differentiation. It all depends on what WMo7 will offer.

    I enjoy the HTC sense interface though, I've played around with it at Cell Phone stores and what not. If it did turn into its own OS, I would be at a standstill; Like I said earlier, WMo streamlining would be the best alternative.

    *Contest Entry*
    Last edited by Manu2192; 01-04-2010 at 09:56 AM. Reason: Wanted to add a few more things.
    01-04-2010 09:53 AM
  23. cafe_civet's Avatar
    contest entry
    01-04-2010 06:30 PM
  24. cafe_civet's Avatar
    Hope you enjoyed your time on WM
    01-05-2010 12:48 PM
  25. Fobok's Avatar
    Another mainly contest entry. I personally have no doubt that HTC will continue to put Sense on even after WinMo 7 comes out, since they're putting it on different operating systems already.
    01-05-2010 04:22 PM
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