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    How'd you escape the the other fruit? I came over in August and love it! Boring ios, fanboy morons and wanted to try something new.

    Mangos taste better than apples!
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    11-26-2011 10:10 AM
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    I was an iPhone 3G user (never made it to the 4), but as soon as I heard about WP7, I knew I was going to want it. I liked the look of the OS, compared to iOS or Android, and I just liked the idea of using an OS made by MS, as I've always been a Windows user. I hated having iTunes on my computer, beings the only reason I had it was for syncing the iPhone. When WP7 phones started being released, I kept an eye on reviews and whatnot, constantly read up on it, and when my contract was up, jumped on it.

    I think the thing that made me finally want to get away from the iPhone, was when iOS updates started coming out for the 3GS, and I updated my 3G, which was supposed to be completely doable. Well, immediately my phone became slow and buggy. I felt like I had been tricked into upgrading to the 3GS, which I didn't appreciate, and which was the kind of behavior that kept me away from Apple products to begin with (along with their prices).

    My girlfriend has the iPhone 4, and I swear, whenever I try to use it for anything, I feel like I'm dealing with some Playskool "baby's first phone" type of deal. Build-wise, they're solid as anything...but I mean the OS itself. Feels like it's set up for....well, children. :)

    The switch from iOS to WP was definitely one I don't think I'll ever regret. :)
    11-26-2011 11:17 AM