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    Hay guys, thinking about make a switch, well not a switch, more like thinking about "trying out android" for my next phone. Sence we sucseded in windows phone making number 3 in the smart phone world with no signs of dying, and becomming more powerful everyday I would like to try out a droid. I always wanted a verzion droid sence I had my tilt 2 but I an on AT&T. I f---ing love the Photon q so much its like my dream phone. So was woundering if any of you have heard if motorola will be making this phone for AT&T or unlocked. Seems like alot of Motorola phones come out unlocked a few months after they 1st come out. So has anyone heard anything? Main reason why i love the phone is that its a qwerty slider. I have to have a side sliding qwerty slider, my dell venue pro dose not cut it. Also with no signs of any new keyboard phones comming out anytime soon is aunther reason Im thinking about trying android. I can always upgrade back to windows phone if I dont like it. Thank you for your time and help.
    12-02-2012 10:01 PM

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