03-06-2013 10:46 PM
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  1. lipper2000's Avatar
    "Awful camera" debatable
    "terrible materials" No
    "no wireless charging" so what?
    "awful build quality" again no
    Camera is not awful but even with the update it isn't in the same galaxy as the Nokia 920
    It is built exactly like a Samsung...cheap plastic...I will give it thumbs up on the back as it feels nice but it's cheap crap if you compare it to the Nokia 920 or iphone 5
    Wireless charging is an awesome feature
    03-06-2013 10:40 PM
  2. lipper2000's Avatar
    Kinda segwaying off the camera topic, but I don't see why business people love BB so much. Personally I have never owned one so maybe I just don't get it, it what makes it more business-centric than other OSes. Yes I know that you can lock down the OS and let businesses disable features like the app store. My mom has an older BB for work and can't access BB world or BBM. Other than that, wouldn't Windows phone be a better alternative since most businesses use outlook, office, sharepoint,etc... These integrate better on windows phone IMHO than any of the other major OSes like iOS and Android. Also, why wouldn't Android or iOS work either? They still have most of the major business-like functionality except native MICROSOFT OFFICE (which I still find almost useless on a phone period because I don't want to use excel on a 4" screen).

    My gripe from what I've seen on BBOS10 is that its different to be different but not different to be better. Take Windows Phone: The live tile paradigm and the app suspension give you a very fast and fluid OS that is laid out incredibly well. The live tiles are nice because they perform the same goal as a widget on Android without breaking the UI design like android widgets do (I mean it in the aspect that you have a boxy square widget for your calendar and then a circular widget for you weather etc...they look mashed up together and don't match or flow together design wise is what I'm getting at).

    Also from what Ashykat was saying, some of the things I don't understand like app-suspension. Why would you not want it? I use my email app which still updates in real time, then suspends when I'm not using it and then quickly resumes when I touch the icon. It loads up where I had left it, so from a user standpoint, how is it different other than when you don't suspend apps, it turns into a clunky mess, Android being the best case in point followed by webOS. WebOS was great with multitasking but too many tasks would slow it down.

    Also my major gripe I've always had with BB is that the UIs are overly complicated. BBS looks way more complicated than WP or even android. I'm not saying that I would have an issue figuring it out cause I would get it in no time, but it seems laid out in a more complicated fashion than all of the other major OSes and people think its a good thing??? Maybe its not more complex but that's how it appears to me on the surface. These are my thoughts though...please feel free to contribute.
    Business people loved BB's 4 years ago...outside of Canada, Indonesia and a couple of African countries the marketshare is negligable
    03-06-2013 10:43 PM
  3. lipper2000's Avatar
    Well, after spending a couple of hours on Crackberry I found that the consensus is pretty evenly split. The same complaints in regards to apps that plague this site are common there as well, but what I found most interesting (and kind of sad) was how they were really eating their own. Those that hated it, railed on it not only for the lack of apps, but because of some features are missing off 10 that are present on 7 and below. And those that defended it, did so on a hope for a brighter future. Kind of like here in a way.

    Huge mistake for BlackBerry to leave those off a new o/s - the very things that had the faithful holding on. Lots of email delivery complaints, lack of notification customization - all the BlackBerry hallmarks...
    Yeah the crackberry site is pretty bad for eating their own...
    You come here and even though windows phone is really on the move upwards and lots of good things are happening, people are pretty realistic and perhaps pessimistic about the short term prospects but they don't really eat their own in the same way...
    Also, seems to have a lot more people here from various platforms...crackberry is just filled with BB people...
    03-06-2013 10:46 PM
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