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    So i went to the blackberry experience forum yesterday in San Francisco. They displayed a number of z10 for demo in the hallway to play with when not in the breakout sessions. So i was one of the first ones there and got my hands on one. I didn't do too many things on the phone itself in terms of going into certain apps, just the basic stuff.

    Here is what i got out of it

    • Pretty light and pretty much feels and shaped like an iphone 5. I've always said the front of thez10 looked like the back of the iphone 5 and it still does

    • No home, back, search, anything button on the front. So felt odd when navigating the OS, i wanted to go to the start screen and i naturally looked for the home screen, but you just flick down to up to get back to the frames screen which is the os start screen.

    • The frames are like the tasks card on wp8 where you hold the backbutton, except i think the frames are actively changing since they are running in the background. That is pretty much your main start screen and it fits 8 cards. You can close with the x button, but may be little too much to manage if you want a constant frame on top at all times. If you want a frame constant at the top like a weather app, you can not, you have to manage by closing out other apps to keep it on the frames page, maybe a bit too much managing.

    • Pure gesture based phone, may be confusing at first, but you can get the hang of it. I think the oldy non techy people are going to have a hard time with this, there are a few main gestures, but the gestures to navigate gets confusing. After using the z10, i appreciate the back button on my windows phone.

    • The notification hub seemed pretty good, you can see your notifications and then respond through the hub like the people hub, only problem i have with this is i can't filter which notifications i want. I can filter to see only one, but if i wanted to only see emails, facebook, twitter, i couldnt. I will see everything, then i will then have to hit the 3 bar icon on the bottom and pick the ones i would like to see. Not really too much of an issue, i probably wouldnt want to see twitter notifications, so i would want to leave that out, i cant on z10. notifications stack up pretty quickly.

    • The camera was pretty bad indoor, all my shots were somewhat blurry and grainy, i would have to keep the phone as steady as possible to get it to look respectable. This was indoor so i expected grainyness, but it came close to the bad indoor performance of the lumia 900.
    • The smartshot seemed well made, very easy to use, take a picture, detects face and then easily scroll to find the right face. Then you can also do the who picture, i know wp8 has same, but this is much easier to use.

    • Video quality, not too great, not surprising as the camera wasn't that great. No chance to try in the daylight since devices are stuck to demo table.

    • Other than the Frames start screen, basic icon grid OS like Android/IOS. The OS does have a personal and business mode, where you flick down from the middle of the screen to the botton and it will pull down a personal and business selection. Could be helpful, but going back and forth would be kind of annoying, but good if companies want to lock it down. Im not actually sure if they can lock to only business only mode.

    • Display seemed ordinary to me, nothing that jumped out to me so no need for me to use the world "gorgeous" like every reviewer does for high end iphones. Apparently every phone has a "gorgeous" screen.

    • Browser was pretty quick, probably faster than IE10 on my 920. I found some websites though showed up on the browser aligned to the left, so there is dead white area on the right. Didn't seem to pick up mobile versions of pages sometimes, maybe it was just the site. who knows, but it was definitely a fast browser.

    • The OS touch screen and going through pages seem to be normal, nothing eye popping. As long as the phone doesnt lag when navigating, all phones are probably relatively the same. The phone didn't lag when i used it so it probably is normal.

    • During the keynote session, one of the presenters was demonstrating the security and some VP interrupted and wanted to do a nfc phone bump to transfer a photo(staged). It didn't work, had a try it again, worked.

    • I sat around blackberry area so all the employees had z10 on them taking pics and stuff. Guy in front of me tried to take pictures and get tapping the screen, but didnt work. Kept trying, didnt work and then the phone crashed. Sucks to be him.

    So that was my experience with the phone. Only one carrier they told me disclosed the price which would be 199.99 with verizon. I think it is pricey for a dying platform especially if they want to compete. Overall, nothing jumped out at me as gamechanging, the hardware itself is just like an iphone 5 but slightly bigger, the OS is a mix of android/iOS and the Frames is like live tiles. The OS itself will be confusing to most at first, techy people will have no problem getting use to it, the simple minded folk and non techy will probably not like it. Odd they put the lock button on the top and in the middle of the phone. Tiny hands will not be able to reach.

    My impressions, take it for what it is worth, i wouldn't go BB. I'd go iPhone/Android first.
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    02-27-2013 07:49 PM
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    Thanks for that insight! For me, if WP8 totally bombed, I'd go BB10. I'm completely done with Android/Google, and I'm tired of the boring iOS. I think BB10 will do well.
    02-27-2013 08:36 PM
  3. crystal_planet's Avatar
    Nice write-up. It sounds like you had some time with it to get a feel.
    02-27-2013 08:37 PM
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    The camera hardware itself isn't poor --- but the metering software is too simple to work well in poor lighting situations. You basically have to provide the BB10 a specific spot to spot meter on the BB10 to achieve good indoor pictures.

    Five Pro Tips for the BlackBerry Z10 Camera by JT White - BerryReview
    02-28-2013 04:05 PM
  5. dkp23's Avatar
    The camera hardware itself isn't poor --- but the metering software is too simple to work well in poor lighting situations. You basically have to provide the BB10 a specific spot to spot meter on the BB10 to achieve good indoor pictures.

    Five Pro Tips for the BlackBerry Z10 Camera by JT White - BerryReview
    Seems like five ways to accept bad images and filter it to death to hide the blemishes. For me, i want to pull out my phone and take a picture and expect a good quality picture, a good one. The lumia 900 was so bad at low light, it was just dissapointing, now i can take out my 920 and take an indoor picture with confidence that a good picture comes out and i think most people want that. They dont want to have to take 5 different pictures, play with settings, or have to filter it to make it acceptable. The pics i took with the z10, no question it was not good, i shouldn't have to mess around to get a normal good quality image.
    02-28-2013 08:01 PM
  6. samab's Avatar
    RIM just posted the first OS update to the Z10 --- which included a fix to the low light camera. The Z10 uses the same camera sensor as the iphone 4S --- granted it is not the latest camera sensor --- but it's not as bad as most bloggers posted in their reviews. Shouldn't judge the camera if a simple meter software update can improve in most indoor situations.

    BlackBerry 10 software updated to Top 5 Improvements Inside BlackBerry - The Official BlackBerry Blog
    02-28-2013 10:07 PM
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    I have owned both the BB Z10 and the Lumia 920 for ~ 2 weeks, and I will keep the Lumia for now. Here is why:

    - looking at and working with a WP8 screen (and in particular the 920's) is much more "satisfying" - colours, large tiles, easy to hit, looks brighter, sharper (these are very "soft" and subjective statements, but as I get older, these things mean more to me than total technical sophistication).

    - I am a terrible typist and never believed I would ever be able to give up physical keyboards. So BB claim they have the best tying experience on the Z10 - I have to disagree. The predicted words are being displayed in a very smallish font and are hard to read (I am 50 years old, my eyes are not those of a 20 years old but far from being bad). It is also confusing - I always found myself having to scan the entire keyboard for the next proposed word, which, in the end, made me spend more time for typing than without word prediction. Yes you can turn that off, but then you are stuck with a "naked" keybord with comparably small keys which leads to terrible mistypings - at least in my case. The 920 is the first touchscreen phone that gives me a feeling of potentially being able to getting used to screen typing. The keys are large, word predictions are very clear and easily visible, and, before sending or saving, I can check for underlined words that were not recognized and take them into my dictionary - or not. This is a question of personal preferences of course, and some might just adore the keyboard on the BB. I personally feel a little uncomfortable on the BB and less uncomfortable on the 920.

    - like the OP said, it is not user friendly to not being able to pin certain apps/frames to the home screen to always stay in the same position. e.g. on the 920, I have my weather, battery, calendar etc. apps/tiles pinned to lock and/or home screen, and they always stay in the same position (unless I move them) and after just a short while, I got used to that and knew where to look for them, without having to think. On the BB, 1st of all I have to manually start the apps that I want to have always on after every phone restart, and 2ndly you never know where the frames will be, as they move down the screen when other apps get opened/closed. I always found myself looking for frames (are they open already? where are they), rather than just getting "at a glance" information.

    I think this is mainly it why I will stick to WP8 for now. However, what is absolutely great at the BB, and what I would LOVE to see on WP8, is the following:

    - hub/notification center
    - red blinking LED to announce new things (I know this can never happen on a 920 - but I'm sure they could e.g. make the LEDs underneath the W8 keys blink, if they just wanted)
    - calendar is phantastic (I hate the WP8 calendar so much I can't even tell....it's one of the most ridiculous pieces of SW that I have ever seen).
    - hub is great (by the way you CAN exclude certain items - hidden somewhere in the settings/hub management I think)
    - it feels great in the hand and I wish the Lumias would have such a nice and not slippery back cover like the Z10
    - I think that the Z10 has a "slightly" better call/reception quality than the 920

    So maybe if they release some OS improvements, and a larger device (dreaming of a skinny BB10 slider with large screen and keyboard), I might go back to BB, but for now, WP8 fulfills my needs better.
    03-07-2013 06:36 AM
  8. Gungzwei's Avatar
    I bet the Z10 does quite well on Verizon. Even at the $200 mark. Verizon does a lot of corporate contracts and that was BBs bread and butter. Heck, the corporation I work for still has BB for the company phone option. However we have moved to allowing personal phones to be used for company email access.
    03-14-2013 04:11 PM
  9. dkp23's Avatar
    Corporations moving away from bb. You can find articles online.
    03-24-2013 03:34 AM

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