1. Sanjay Chandra's Avatar
    I am curious

    Whats the way to make that work ? I heard its some kind of root or hack.

    I am WP8 user but curious because I always thought Android has apps-2-SD
    04-30-2013 12:59 AM
  2. WorzelGummage's Avatar
    I've just checked my GS3 (Jelly Bean 4.1.2) and in the applications manager the option to move applications to SD storage isn't there anymore. However, you can still use apps from Google Play to move apps to SD storage. Although it's not possible to move every app to SD storage due to app developers not allowing it to be done within the app itself. In my humble opinion, this feature was created a while back now because of certain devices made by HTC with pitiful amounts of device storage but these days that's not really an issue anymore.
    04-30-2013 04:03 AM
  3. broar94's Avatar
    Think the option was available only till Gingerbeard.. You can still root your device, and try with Link2SD or App2SD. I am not sure about the app as i'm not using Android right now :D
    04-30-2013 09:25 AM
  4. RRCh's Avatar
    Some new devices support Apps to SD, some (such as the GS III) don't.

    It's not specifically banned.
    05-04-2013 08:18 AM
  5. solveig17's Avatar
    Motorola Razr Maxx on jellybean does.
    05-20-2013 04:18 PM
  6. xandros9's Avatar
    some do, some don't
    some ROMs do, some ROMs don't
    some devices don't even have an SD slot, instead mounting another partition for music and stuff i believe

    the native app->sd copies part of the app, leaving a lot behind for performance reasons
    there is an app called s2e which basically unloads ROM into the SD card, which can affect performance
    then there is Link2SD which is a lot more granular in what is moved, the option i prefer
    broar94 likes this.
    05-20-2013 04:30 PM

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