1. Gopi Parthasarathy's Avatar
    Hey guys,
    Just ordered a Nexus 5 for my friend and it will be with me for a month , before it is delivered to him.Just spent some time the phone, Kitkat version and some features. I must say kitkat is a huge improvement from Jelly bean. Now, it doesn't have that glitch and lag in the initial experience,I had with it. With respect to multitasking, really they have done a good job. The 5 inch screen is very good and the design also looks good. Camera is no where when compared to 920, as most of the pics looked washed out , and perhaps that's only the field where it lags..Although I love my 920 and desperately waiting for 920 upgrade with 8.1 and better camera, I am kind of leaning towards Nexus 5. In a dilemma!!Any comments guys??
    11-17-2013 01:55 PM
  2. Optimus82's Avatar
    Really can't go wrong. Especially at the price of the N5. Camera has always been not so great on the Nexus phones. When it comes to quality, I am not much of a critic when it comes to smartphone cams but I just can't stand it when phones take forever to capture pics.. The amount of time it takes to focus and capture on the Nexus sucks. I know its the same experience on some WP phones too.

    The one thing Android has going for it is the amount of freedom developers have to create apps. If you want your home lights to go on when you come home, you can make it happen. if you want to achieve certain tasks when you reach a specific location, you can make it happen on android. If you want to become Lebron James... uhh you can just watch youtube clips and keep dreaming.

    Multitasking. Not just on the Nexus but with any Android phone... I loved how I used to be in an application jotting down some notes or whatever then being interrupted. 10 apps and 1 hour later, I go back to that app and viola - right where I left off. No waiting.

    UI consistency. Most people who use WP hate the UI inconsistency esp when it comes to third party apps that do not follow design guidelines. But when it comes to the stock apps and stock UI, Android has been transitioning to making everything having the Google Now style theme, which to me is really nice.

    With Nexus phones, you won't have to deal with any of the carrier/manufacturer BS when it comes to updates.
    11-17-2013 02:17 PM
  3. jaimeastin's Avatar
    Cool. Just picked up a nexus 7... Not to replace my surface or my 920, But as an extension. So far what I hate the most is Google services forcing themselves in, but it is their product and I knew that going in.

    I am just going to wait for the real flagship for Nokia. The 1020 was super attractive and the 1525 is/was nice till att ruined it... My Nexus 7 is to bring me a mobile experience in a small but 5" plus screen. My 920 was already awesome, but no mater the hardware, the OS is what is the bottleneck... Until 8.1, I'm not buying another phone.. Though, I may find a 1020 on Craigslist :)

    In short, I am more content in my windows circle, but I appreciate all other devices. I did just sell my last mac and all I have left of apple is and iPod... Which was the reason got and android tablet in the first place, lol. I hate iTunes way more than google scroogle.

    I have always bounced around from my first 2 smartphones windows mobile to blackberries to windows mobile to iPhone to android to iPhone to windows phone... Have not left windows phone since its inception, though I did give it about 6-8 months before I bought the focus, then the 900, now the 920... Like I said, I am content with my setup for work and play.

    Funny... I am still on my 920 now... N7 laying beside me... I was on my surface almost all day yesterday with the nexus 7 again laying there... It is nice, but I have always thought android to be a bit messy looking and I am still wrapping my head around it. Windows 8 is really well thought out and easy... Once one wraps their head around it too. It will be a battle which device is the king of GPS out of my nexus and the 920. It helps that Nokia just finally added the traffic on the maps. Also the nexus is the only way to go with android... Freaking mess of an update system...which is nothing new for windows phone users... Just a bit worse there.

    Shoot, I love my 920. Wireless changing which my nexus can use. The 920 which has gdr3 has a great battery and very nice camera that has finally replaced the point and shoot for me.

    I know I am talking about tablet and you asked about a phone, but that is my two cents. My surface goes everywhere my phone does... Now will be the nexus 7 too. We do not have to be exclusive to one brand, especially when we are not getting paid. We also don't have to bash and trash other systems when they do not work for us. You may really enjoy the nexus 5. O like how I can customize my tablet... My phone I like to mre simple interface wise like wp8.
    11-17-2013 02:36 PM
  4. pseudoware's Avatar
    Any comments guys??
    Yeah. Do it!

    Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
    11-17-2013 02:41 PM
  5. xandros9's Avatar
    Yea its a great OS and phone. personally I prefer WP, but if I had to, I'd be perfectly happy in Android-land. Microsoft is pretty nice-ish to other platforms if you use stuff like SkyDrive and Outlook.com.
    11-17-2013 04:06 PM

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