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    Hi everyone. I have been closely following all the rumours of the LG G3 and of course it now has been officially unveiled. There has been MASSIVE hype of this LG flagship and the hype has continued with it's official release.

    I have a few thoughts to share on this but I will say straight off the top, my thoughts run contrary to all the tech press.

    Firstly,the benefits of a quad HD display are dubious at best. Considering the potential of decreased battery life. In this respect, LG have gone, on paper at least, backwards. The LG G2 has a 3200mAH battery in a full HD display. The G3 now has 200mAh less in a display with a ton more pixels. You do the math on this. I am very doubtful that any improvements in processor will offset this by that amount. When I look at the display of the Galaxy S5, I cannot fathom why anyone would want anymore pixels for all the potential downsides.

    This is really the only feature of this phone that beats all others (non Chinese manufacturers anyway). A feature that few will barely be able to realize the difference. The camera is the same as the G2, 13MP with OIS. Again, a much lauded feature is laser focusing. The Galaxy S5 doesn't need a laser for low light shooting, it instead has a high end dedicated camera feature of contrast phase detection for very fast and accurate focusing. There has not been any mention of actual improvements and developments in imaging quality, unlike the Galaxy S5 with its ISOCELL technology.

    The rest of the phone, whilst definately being high end specification, do not stand out. Dual tone flash, knock code, quick circle cover, wireless charging etc are features on other phones too. A correction to this post. The rumors were correct in having 2 versions, 16 and 32GB with 2 and 3GB RAM with Snapdragon 801. So this is one area where it beats Samsung and HTC.

    Seriously, I cannot see someone buying this over a Galaxy S5 for that quad HD display, which is by far the most lauded feature. I would much prefer the Galaxy because it has a fingerprint scanner which I can really conveniently make PayPal payments with. Now that to me far trumps the quad HD display.

    I for one think the G3 is yes, an excellent high end phone, no doubt about it. But I also think it has been way over hyped to the point where I am actually a bit disappointed. It is not a Galaxy S5 killer by any stretch of the imagination and I think when people see the display in the stores next to the Galaxy, they will quickly move on and compare the rest of the features. In that respect, and especially with the far more affluent and popular "Samsung" brand name, I do think this LG phone will suffer. After all the hype, I was expecting "revolutionary" and IMO, it is not. Quad HD is not revolutionary if the average person won't be able to tell the difference. The only truly revolutionary item is the laser focusing.

    And also, all the smartphones are now doing water resistance and the LG doesn't. Interestingly, Sony have stated that for their Z3 Xperia, they will refuse to go down the road of quad HD and instead focus on other performance factors. Well done, a voice of reason. And also, no fingerprint scanning which is a feature that will be continued on by Apple, Samsung and no doubt others.

    These are my thoughts on the LG G3.

    Also, a final thought. Did not it ever occur to LG that they actually have to give their flagship phone a cool and catchy name? Seriously? What the hell do the marketing guys at LG do all day? Other phones are named "iphone", "Galaxy", "Lumia", "Xperia" etc. I'm sorry ,but "G3" does not have the same memorable and inspiring factor. I cannot believe that LG have not figured this out yet. They should have started afresh with a cool catchy name like everyone else.

    LG, don't call your next one "G4".

    It's easy to be a critic. So what would I have done differently? Well firstly, what LG did right.

    Offering a 32GB variant with a class leading 3GB RAM.

    Laser autofocusing. Whether it's any better than the Galaxy's contrast phase detection I don't know, but it's unique and a great selling point.

    The concierge feature and greatly improved keyboard features.

    The cool looking flip covers and quick circle features.

    The quad HD? Time will tell if this is a major attraction or not. Now these are the things I would have done differently.

    Firstly, I think having a quad HD display with a plastic fake metal finish does not compute. Look at all the flak Samsung have received for their plastic backed S5. I would have gone down the HTC road but with a twist-premium metal finish backed that is removable. Offering the best of both the Samsung and HTC worlds.

    A larger battery, not going backwards from the G2. If the G2 had 3200mAh battery, then at least 3300mAh. And also some quick charging technology. A great selling point would be charging in short time, similar to what the Oppo Find 7 offers.

    Camera. Offer OIS but also digital stabilisation. So in really difficult shaky circumstances, you can use both in conjunction for class leading photos and videos. And beat Samsung by offering at least 20MP sensor. And equal HTC with a 5MP sensor for front camera. Plus a xenon flash.

    Water and dust resistance. And a class leading fingerprint sensor that can be customised to do a variety of activities. Allow also different fingerprints to have all access or restricted access. So for eg, a child or friend can use the phone but not access the gallery, etc.
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    Yesterday I was talking about that in another thread and I linked this publication:

    There has been a rapid increase in the resolution of small-sized and medium-sized displays. This study determines an upper discernible limit for display resolution. A range of resolutions varying from 254–1016 PPI were evaluated using simulated display by 49 subjects at 300 mm viewing distance. The results of the study conclusively show that users can discriminate between 339 and 508 PPI and in many cases between 508 and 1016 PPI.
    Minimum required angular resolution of smartphone displays for the human visual system - Spencer - 2013 - Journal of the Society for Information Display - Wiley Online Library

    Again, I haven't read it, there are enough publications I'd have to read in my own field first, but I think this keeps me open-minded for very high resolution screens.

    If it's really an advantage only a direct comparison will show, as you mentioned. Reviews will tell us more about performance and battery life, maybe it's bad, maybe they got it right.

    I think it's too early to judge.

    However, I really don't understand why you think the Galaxy S5 is better, I don't understand how anybody can see the appeal in this phone over let's say a HTC One M8. It's a Galaxy S4 with better hardware and a few gimmicks, while the Galaxy S4 is a Galaxy S3 with better hardware. It's neither very pretty nor does it feel like being of high quality.
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    However, I really don't understand why you think the Galaxy S5 is better, I don't understand how anybody can see the appeal in this phone over let's say a HTC One M8. It's a Galaxy S4 with better hardware and a few gimmicks, while the Galaxy S4 is a Galaxy S3 with better hardware. It's neither very pretty nor does it feel like being of high quality.

    Let me be clear. I don't have the Galaxy S5 only because I am waiting for phones with Snapdragon 805 and Adreno 420. In particular, I am hanging out for Note 4 but I will compare all phones before buying.

    Yes, the Galaxy S5 is not the prettiest. Neither is the Note 3. But to me that doesn't mean anything. I love the display on the S5, it's gorgeous, it is loaded with a ton of features, it has 2 very effective power saving modes, it has a removable back and hence removable battery, it can tolerate a splash and it is the only other phone with fingerprint scanning. As I said, for PayPal I think it is a super convenient feature. But that's just me. And that feature to me is a winning feature, far and above quad HD display.

    As far as appeal over the HTC M8, that is easy. The extremely crisp 16MP shooter with fastest autofocus over the awful 4MP "UltraPixel" shooter. Also, not being able to replace the battery in the HTC. Rumors are there will be a premium M8 version and HTC will address that camera issue. Rumors also of a premium Galaxy version.
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