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    Long story, but got my daughter her first smartphone last Xmas, a Lumia 521 with Tmobile. 6 months later I got her a used Lumia 810 because she wanted a front camera. I did update the 810 to 8.1 dev preview. Kik never worked correctly on her phones (app no longer supported), had some audio issues and now since school started some of her classes were recommending apps that are not in the windows store. Yesterday we took a ride to Tmobile and the salesman showed us the new Samsung Galaxy Avant. Wow, very impressive. We ended up getting it at Walmart because it was $50 cheaper then Tmobile at $199.88. With the exception of the rear camera it probably is better then her old 810 and right now anything Microsoft has at the moment for $200. The phone has only been out a few weeks and I think will make quite a stir for Tmobile.
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