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    There are some users ( or abusers ) among us who have a strange obsession
    or weird urge to destroy there neat tiny devices.
    Instead of trading it in or jump ship as we say,
    they come with some hilarious idea of flashing a foreign operatingsystem on there phone witch is't designed for it.
    Besides the question why they want to blow up there device, is the main question................................

    .............................."is it possible?".

    Simple answer.
    No, its not.

    No, they won't blow up there device,
    in the worst case scenario its only going to be bricket and becomes useless.

    Coming to the next, is it possible to flash Droid on a WP phone or vice versa?
    Again, NO.

    No is a simple answer, but explaining the why is a different story.
    I try to explain it as simple as possible.
    Starting with the Rom.

    The rom ( the software witch contains the operatingsystem, the hardwaredrivers, settings and the bag of goodies )
    is build specific for a particular device.
    Each device has its own rom.
    Although it looks the same on the Lumia's or on the Htc and Samsungdevices,
    they are al different.
    You can't flash the rom of a L520 on a L1020 or other device.
    The same thing with the Androiddevices.
    You can't flash a Droid rom build for a Samsung Note on a Gio or vice versa for the same reasons.

    Not only goes that for the software but it also counts for the hardware.
    Device specific hardwaredrivers witch are compressed in a flashable package is called the firmware,
    that also includes the radiosettings ( carier specific ) etc etc.
    Firmware is usually coming with the operatingsystem in a ful package.

    Note, the preview for developers does not contain any firmware.

    You need specific hardware drivers for your device,
    the ones who are written for Android can be read by your Windows based device,
    your chipset simply can't handle it.
    Of course vice versa as well.
    Hardware drivers are pieces of code witch let your phone work.
    It is the layer between the hardware ( chipset ) and the operating system.

    But it goes a lot farther and deeper then that.
    And i want it to keep it as simple as possible.

    Next bumb on the road is how are you going to flash it?
    Android devices are quite simple, using a zipfile and flash it in recovery
    or using a flashtool like "Odin".
    Windows Phone devices doesnt work that way.
    Nokia works with a recoverytool that checks before the flash if you are using the correct rom.
    When you don't, it simply wont let you flash and gives you a big No No.
    So you have to design your own piece of software in order to flash or crash it.
    If you have some time to spare, i won't stop you ;-)

    There are of course some hardware tools, designed for Windows Phones to force a particulair flash.
    But thats only for reviving/repair or unlocking a device,
    and it wil also give you the big No No when you are trying to flash the wrong rom.

    Thats the most basic thing why the firmware, the software and flashtools wont work.

    An other bumb is to unlock the bootloader in order to make some things possible.
    There are a few who have managed to unlocking a lumia ( i believe it was a L 520 ).
    And also the Samsung ( ativ? ) has giving away its secrets in order to
    install custom roms or to sideload more apps.
    More info can be found on XDA developers.

    So, when you stil thinking of flashing a diffirent os after reading this
    then start to look for your warranty papers or save some extra money for a new phone.
    Cause your warranty doesnt cover it.

    The only device who could manage both operatingsystems was the HTC HD2
    It even could dualboot.
    But like everything else there are always exceptions.

    If you still after reading the above not cured from your mentall laps and still wants the impossible.
    Than go before you try to Bing/Google/Yahoo or any other search engine and look for
    "How to unbrick my device"
    or go to www.dr phill.com when you want to talk about it ;-)

    In simple language,
    WP devices are not compatible with the Android operatingsystem and vice versa.

    But there are other way's to destroy your Windows Phone........
    And a lot quicker to. ;-)

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    12-10-2014 02:42 PM

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