03-29-2016 02:20 PM
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    Wow that lasted about 20 seconds before I disabled that. I can see the use for blind people but, for people that are not blind, its the most ANNOYING feature I have ever seen. Just touching any thing it would say what your doing (as you said), I would not even be able to use my phone in public with that feature on !!!!

    Edit: Checked out agent in the store, I installed it right away(looks like it will do what I want, thanks!) at work but, maybe I will play with it tonight.

    I will check it out, thanks ! Reading and replying to texts via voice is something I really could use. After having Cortana for so long, it's an EXPECTED feature. I guess sometimes the grass is not always greener on the other side.

    Apps, Apps, Apps is one of the reasons I have been using the phone this long, It's really shocking how poor Windows Phone is on this aspect in a lot of areas. Even the facebook app is worlds better, the WP version just got updated, after years and I dont think it's even close to the Android or iOS version (my wife has an iPhone so I play time to time as she shows me a lot on her facebook profile) and this is just 1 example out of the 20 or so apps I installed on my LG G3.

    There are + and - to each of them. Tomorrow is my 1 week. I will give a report later tonight but, I think there is more I need to try to play with.
    Sorry to bump up an old thread, especially since your trial of android is over, but...
    I am coming at it from the other side(android to windows phone) maybe I need to start my own thread, I hadn't considered that till I saw yours. I came to windows phone because live tiles interest me and I wanted a tighter integration with my PC/laptop. I agree windows phone may be easier to use for a new user, but both OS's require a learning curve. I quoted this post of yours specifically because I am curious about having cortana read my texts. I can certainly google(or do I have to say bing on a windows forum lol) how to turn that feature on, but for me it is not on by default and did not easily make itself known this could be done. Totally not trying to start anything, as I really like both windows and android and don't think I have a reason to "bash" either of them. Just saying that saying one is easier to use than the other when you are more familiar with one isn't really fair, and again I agreed that windows may be easier, just saying both have a steep learning curve if you really want to learn the ins and outs of them.

    Widgets(and 3rd party launchers) on android for example, I know if I take the time, I can make android have most of the functionality of windows live tiles by using widgets and maybe a 3rd party launcher. But that requires a lot of knowledge of android to make it come close to what live tiles can do. That being said in a lot of ways widgets can do some things better than live tiles.

    Me personally(rocking a verizon icon) I got bored with windows phone 8.1 pretty quickly, the live tiles are cool, but it just seemed like it was lacking some features, let alone apps(I knew about the apps, and can live with it for the most part). So I put 1 of the later builds of W10M(only 1 or 2 versions older than current) and that definitely made some things better, but still its missing some stuff I think a phone should have by now. I know its still a work in progress and correct me if i am wrong, but I just noticed yesterday I can't customize sounds for individual contacts. Now I do believe this was available in 8.1, so I assume its just a work in progress to get it back into 10, but seems wrong to release an OS without that feature especially when your older version had it. I am happy to see they updated the facebook app, its much better than the previous version, but I still fee like it only shows me half of what the android app does and I can't figure out why.

    Back to live tiles, I use the flipboard wide tile, on android with the widget if its showing an article I like I click it and it takes me to that article. On WP it just opens flipboard and then I have to find the article. Maybe this is an issue with the flipboard app on WP, maybe its an issue with the OS. Either way I just feel like WP is missing some of the polish of android(I haven't used iOS much).

    I have been on this icon for a month now I think, definitely not giving up on it. But one odd thing about being on these forums is how often I hear people say how Microsofts own apps are better on android an iPhone, it is starting to make me wonder what the point of WP is, and MS doesn't seem to be doing much to help its case. That being said I am still curious about W10M and how it works with Windows 10 on PC. I like that my cortana reminders show up on the PC and I think i read I can get and possibly respond to texts on my computer, haven't looked into that much yet. So i am still very open to the idea of WP. I do think it would be cool to see MS buy out or partner with cyanogen and bring the windows phone live tile UI to an android environment and work out the same PC integration, or rather if they can really get universal apps and more developers that would be fine too, but again it seems like they are shooting themselves int he foot already with that.

    Anyway, thanks for your post, I may go ahead and make one of my own. Coming at it with a months experience already may prove helpful, but I still have a lot to learn it seems.
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    12-11-2015 06:48 AM
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    Sorry to the above, I didn't know someone replied to it....

    Anyway, I am now back on my LG G3 for over a week now. After Microsoft pretty much screwing Nokia ICON users by not offering the W10m upgrade while they gave the 930 (same phone) the upgrade on the first batch. I am beyond pissed off about it.

    Wireless Charging works great now, No problem with charging the phone. My whole setup at home with QI chargers works perfect for this phone. I got everything running on it, Tap to pay is working and my local coffee shop that I visit ever morning accepts it now, so I use it a lot.

    I guess if they ICON gets w10m I might go back but, I think I am sticking with this LG for a while for now.... Maybe the X3 will come to Verizon then I will be back.

    anyway about it, Microsoft has been saying "Tap to Pay" is coming for over 2 years now and we still dont have it, that might be my only hold up to go back.
    03-29-2016 02:20 PM
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