11-01-2015 04:30 AM
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    hardware is better?? when was the last time you ran a benchmark app? for all aspectsL CPU,RAM,Flash and Graphics...let's at least keep things realistic. At the moment the S6 Edge+ and Iphone 6S have scored the best in Geekbench 3 and 3dMark
    I'm sure my wife's S6 Active will beat my 930 on benchmarks, but my 930 feels faster and doesn't have all the stutters and hiccups her phone has. The 930 has 2 year old hardware and doesn't require a restart every day like she's having to do with her Android. Heck, she's been debating switching back to her 830 which she feels runs better.
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    10-30-2015 03:21 PM
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    When I was looking to root an S6 edge back in the summer (I've since returned the device) I came across a few sites that said rooting would void your warranty via tripping a KNOX counter. A couple sites suggested there was a fuse that would basically blow and indicate the KNOX counter had been tripped. I don't recall the sites I was looking at, but there does seem to be a workaround using a ping pong method, but then again this site says don't update to 5.1.1 if you ever want to root without tripping the KNOX warranty. [ROOT] PingPongRoot ***S6 & S6 Edge Root… | Samsung Galaxy S6 | XDA Forums Then again, that post may be outdated and there may be a workaround for 5.1.1.

    One of the reasons I backed away from android. Too much information online to determine what was fact or fiction, didn't like the Samsung stuff, and didn't want to take the risk.
    Another thing to keep in mind is that Samsung Pay and Android Pay will not work on rooted devices.
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    10-30-2015 03:43 PM
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    i knew my beloved L1020 was aging, with my use i had to charge it almost three to four times a day, the battery was one of the main concerns , not apps. While i loved the photo quality of the L1020 i just wished that windows 8.1 kept up with it, i was mainly frustrated with the "loading and resuming" screens. Swapped for the LG G4 as its the only phone which i can compare it with the L1020's camera, the color reproduction is spot on with the "color spectrum sensor" and the F.1.8Lense allows more light, trust me the camera is the first thing i see on the phone before picking one up and why din i opt for the L930? cause well 1). the photo quality wasn't at par with the G4 and 2). why would i invest in the old flagship. while i may be the only one in my city who has booked the L950XL am i excited for it? sure why not as there are somethings i wished my LG G4 could do such as an unified mailbox, better photo editing options (Lumia creative studio). Will i make the swap to the L950XL when i get a call from Microsoft India? i really don't know , 1). Microsoft really needs to price this right, if its above the INR 40k bracket i really don't see Microsoft doing so well with the phone here , i got the G4 for INR 36K which is superbly priced for its specs. 2). i really don't know if microsoft can really eliminate the "loading..." and resuming bug which plagues WP handsets.
    All in all ive always loved the "no nonsense " motto of WP after having owned a L720 then the L1020, but sometimes i feel the OS (and the handsets) do need to keep up with the rest.
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    11-01-2015 04:30 AM
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