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    Hi guys any of you decided to make a switch for Android going the OnePlus road? Being an eager Blackberry fan... then Windows Phone I said some time ago that I would never ever jump ships to Android having had experience with them back in 2009 with HTC Hero.


    I have recently discovered OnePlus X... this thing is a true beauty and presumably all that I am looking for in a mobile phone...
    classic, elegant design
    5 inch amoled display
    decent battery
    decent performance
    and more importantly for a very good price!

    Design wise OnePlus X resembles 930 a bit and takes the best from best classic designs from past few years - this includes iPhone 5 and Blackberry Bold series. Black and minimal design of the handset paired with a silver metal band... is just perfect!


    I recently learnt WP8.1 lacks basic email functionality having used 930 for work... such as inability to attach files or edit forwarded message, among a list of other things where Windows Phone falls short.

    I realise that Windows 10 Mobile is just around the corner but I'm not convinced that any of the new Microsoft devices are anywhere near OnePlus X in terms of design, and they cost twice as much. I have ordered my X for 199... that's a no brainer. Will be keeping the 930 for upcoming update and see how the two ecosystems compare when W10 lands.

    I am looking forward to try out the productivity apps and hoping the amoled display is just as good as the 930. I must say that I don't care about Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram or the gaming - I did it purely for the looks, price and choice of productivity software. What are your thoughts of OnePlus X guys? Is anyone in here getting one too?
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    I've moved your thread to the Android forum, since it will be better answered here by folks who have this Android device.
    11-08-2015 04:17 PM

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