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    I just upgraded my Nokia 6 to Oreo to play with the configurations. When I first started using Outlook, I was getting a little indicator on the app icon in red with the number of unread emails. Supposedly, there are supposed to be just dots in the app. My friend showed me his Pixel 2. But on the Nokia I am getting a number. Sadly, the Outlook dot doesn't work anymore but I signed into to Gmail and the number was popping up. Just wondering if someone had the same thing with Outlook, whether they can see the unread email counter dot and if so know how I can get it back. I have turned on everything I can find in settings, launcher and the app to do with notifications but the icon is still dead.

    Edit: Ok, so I have worked out that it is the Microsoft Launcher that controls these notification badges. So far, it doesn't work with the Outlook icon but does work with Gmail icon. Fantastic! Not.
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