1. sumanthsuresh's Avatar
    Is Microsoft more friendly to android than ios. Or is it just the environment.. If so can we share our experience. I am using pixel 2 except for battery send to be a good phone use Microsoft launcher and use most Microsoft services and seems to be OK. The only widget that works on and off of is waze. I also have an iPhone from work. Hard to do siri interference but end user experience is pretty good
    04-07-2019 09:39 PM
  2. heyanil673's Avatar
    As of my experience in the smartphone industry, I prefer Android because we can do a lot of customization in Android and make a lot of changes in our Android device's User Interface. But as we all know that in case of security and smoothness, IOS is much better then android and yes, Microsoft is more friendly with Android with its environment because IOS has its own apple environment.
    04-08-2019 12:25 AM
  3. marvelfan's Avatar
    Different categories count for different amounts to different people. Some people will value hardware choice more, while others will care more about battery life or mobile gaming. Both platforms offer are good choices for different people. You’ll need to decide what factors are most important to you and then choose the phone that best meets your needs.
    05-14-2019 05:11 AM

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