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    It looks like Microsoft is dyeing to boost up the sale on windows phone 7. It appears recently on Marketplace, there is a new and interesting baseball app game, Strike Out with cute characters for free. But, it turns out that you might want to have your lawyer present when you enjoy this app in public. Why? Because you might have a great chance to throw your phone away if you enjoy Strike Out too much.

    This way, I bet Microsoft will have a boosted number on the new phone purchase, even soon will have a lot more app developers coming out with app like voltage vector! (see how many volts of electricity your able to pass through you and your phone) and wp7 roulette (pass a loaded gun between you and your phone; see how high you can rack up that score!)

    Rumor : New version of Strike Out! will hopefully be released in March, Will adding more game mode and easter egg!
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