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    Name: Road Rage

    This is my first App for Windows Phone 7 (or any system actually). It is a simple to use program to tell those other drivers what you think! This small and quick loading program presents you with 9 words to display on your screen in big bold letters. Sayings included:
    My Bad!

    The other advantage is they all have a 'mirror' mode, so other drivers can read the messages in their rear view mirrors! This was harder to do then just write the characters of the message backwards!

    Takes advantage of the users selected theme as well. It is also very small and takes up little storage space. Screenshots of main screen and one of the mirror messages is attached below.

    It is available for free, ad supported, on the Windows Phone 7 Market Place. Either search for 'Road Rage' on the Marketplace or click the following link (should launch Zune software): Get 'Road Rage'

    I originally had a few more harsh words in the program, but it was rejected by Microsoft for excessive use of adult language. It took several tries to get it approved. I originally had the words "***" and "****er" and was rejected, so I tried to go all Battlestar Galactica and substitute "Fracker!", but it was still rejected. So I then removed them and went with "Jerk!" and "*****!". I also predict that this program will be emulated/copied onto the iPhone and Android system by somebody else fairly soon, but I did it first!

    If there is enough demand I will update the program to allow users to create their own messages and save them to the menu for quick easy selection, to by-pass Microsofts explicit language policy.

    *WARNING* Operating a portable electronic device while driving is dangerous and is probably illegal in your area, and probably pretty stupid too. Use at your own risk!
    02-28-2011 10:26 PM