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    Name: Quick Easy Note

    There are times when you just need to write something down QUICKLY and temporarily. That is what this app is for. There is no open or save button. When you open the app, you type in your note, when you close the app it saves your note automatically. Next time you open the app, your note is displayed. Clear the text and type in your new note and exit right away. The program is tiny (saves space) and loads quickly and uses almost no resources. It is wonderful for those quick notes, like parking space, license plate number, a restaurant name you want to look up, some number you need to remember, etc. It is not for replacing more complex note apps, just the ideal companion. Supports portrait and landscape modes of course.

    Pin it to your start screen and have quick easy notes!

    Just click one of the links below to open up the Zune software, or search "Quick Easy Note" on the Marketplace
    Free version, supported by ads.
    Paid version, ad free, $0.99 US
    02-28-2011 09:32 PM