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    I am a french developper.
    I have launched a new game for Windows phone called MagBeads.

    Official Website : MagBeads

    Zune link : Zune link

    It is a match-3 puzzle-game with a new concept.
    The idea is to stick some colored beads around a rotative magnet.
    The game is composed of 5 game modes from chrono 1' mode (proposed freely in the trial version) to a survival mode where you have to survive as long as you can to a classic mode composed of 22 levels.
    50 trophies could be unlocked in the game and you can send your score online in a Leaderboard to know your worldwide position.

    Here are some videos of the game :
    Classic mode :

    Chrono 1' mode (available for free in the demo version) :

    Survival mode :

    If you want to give some feedback on the game, don't hesitate to let a post here.
    Thank you !

    The game has a demo version, so give it a try ! :)
    04-14-2011 04:49 PM