1. enahs555's Avatar
    Just thought I would let you guys in on one of my new apps, iPooey (current version 1.1). It is not free, it is for $0.99. It is very juvenile and quite possibly the best $0.99 you can spend for an app.

    It is simple, when you load the app it looks like the iPhone. When you click on the "iPhone interface" it puts a cartoon poo where you click and plays a nasty fart sound. It is crazy fun and hilarious. And good for pranking friends and other stuck-up iPhone users. Sometimes I tell my friends I installed iOS on my new WP7 device, or I got selected to test the new iPhone5 with its new hardware, etc.

    Download link.

    Fell free to try it out and rate it. Its so simple and fun its awesome! heh
    04-19-2011 10:43 AM