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    Pooping Pigeons by Lynx Interactive - Coming Soon to WP7

    Nobody enjoys birds pooping on their heads as they enjoy a casual stroll downtown. The citizens of Poopland are no exception. They have recently been invaded by a large flock of pooping pigeons who’ve been wreaking havoc on the poor innocent pedestrians of Poopland for weeks now and they have had enough! Poopland’s mayor has requested your services as a last ditch effort to protect the town’s population from these disgusting pests. You are assigned the task of operating a remote controlled basket hovering over the town’s most frequented street. Your job is to drag the basket back and forth to catch the poop before it hits the unsuspecting pedestrians below. Don’t forget to dump your basket when it fills to avoid spilling poop all over town.

    Pooping Pigeons provides a complete gaming experience that includes:
    - Action packed gameplay with tons of exciting surprises
    - Beautiful graphics, animation, and music
    - Unlimited number of levels with progressively increasing difficulty
    - Local scoreboard to keep track of your very best personal performances
    - Online scoreboard to see how you stack up against your fellow poop catchers
    - Smooth touch controlled gameplay providing the ultimate in flexibility and control
    - Accelerometer controls can optionally be enabled with configurable sensitivity


    Another free game brought to you by Lynx Interactive


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    05-11-2011 04:23 AM
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    Pooping Pigeons is now live in the WP7 Marketplace! You can find it by going to Games > New in the Marketplace or click this link to go straight to it.


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    05-12-2011 04:47 PM

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