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    The most natural storm experience on your phone, stormy 7 is the first app to allow you to wipe the steam on your window on a stormy day and express your inner artist!

    Impress your friends and children by a realistic condensation upon blowing the microphone and enjoy wiping the steam (tilt your device to move the water drops!)

    A blasting experience with these amazing features:
    -Realistic water droplets when wiping that move when you move your phone.
    -A real storm with lightening, thunder and rain and an extra thunder button!
    -Blow your microphone to make more condensation and see your drawing fade away leaving tracks.
    -Change the microphone sensitivity setting to have the most natural blowing on any device.

    Great missing features from the free version:
    -Hit the thunder button when it appears for extra action.
    -Take a screen shot from the setting menu.
    -Change the background from the camera or gallery.

    p.s.: dont forget to dry your clothes!

    - Free version is now with full features with ads.
    - change the app name.
    - Crash report
    - Enable/Disable wiping sound.

    Visit: eizsoft for more info .

    Get the app now from MarketPlace Zune.net

    Any feedback is welcomed.
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    06-02-2011 02:02 AM
  2. eizsoft's Avatar
    V2 is out

    The storm has struck again and this time it is much stronger; aside from the lightning, thunder and rain, it seems a vicious hail storm is coming! But dont worry; because this time were even more prepared to wipe the steam -faster- with as many fingers as your phone can handle and if thats not good enough you can even use a blow dryer to wipe it all!
    06-30-2011 12:56 AM

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