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    Monkey Madness Update 1.1 is available now.

    Monkey Madness - App Spotlight | wpcentral | Windows Phone News, Forums, and Reviews

    - accelerometer sensor input
    - adjustable difficulty
    - online leader board and awards
    - bonus items to gain special abilities
    - monsters that try to thwart you
    - localization for English, German and French
    - free

    Learn more about Monkey Madness here Monkey Madness | Phoebit
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    Monkey Madness is now for free.

    Some people report, that the control is cumbersome, other like it.
    Monkey Madness seems quite difficult at first glance but after some practice users realize that the holes and monster move very predicable and it's much easier then to avoid impossible constellations.

    Have Fun...
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    New features:

    - new teleport Power-Up
    - french localization
    - some game balancing tweaks

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