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    Hi All,

    Where Did I Take That
    Market place description

    Ever looked at a photo and wondered where did I take that? Well wonder no more with this app you will be able to find out exactly where you took the photo. It will read the GPS location information from the photo and place it right on a map.

    No more will you look back over a party photo or a holiday snap and think for days where you took it. This app will show you, along with the time and date.

    This app also integrates right into your photo hub. Select a photo in the hub and bring up the sliding menu, select extras and select Where Did I Take That. The photo will be sent to the app show you just where you took it.

    This app will also work with any photos sent to you by friends as long as they save the GPS location on their phone or camera.

    Download for free from the store here Zune.net

    Please let me know what you think... be nice ;-)
    07-05-2011 09:33 AM
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    Afternoon all,

    just to let you know i will be releasing 1.7 next week.

    this will include the ability to add upto 8 pics to the map, and should resolve any crashing issues with the network connection.

    Thanks all, Please let me know how you get on with the app and any improvements you would like to see.

    07-28-2011 10:51 AM
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    Just a Quick update to make it much more stable and add mango fast app switching

    hope you will all give it a try and let me know what you think

    01-18-2012 02:25 PM
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    another update....

    but with features a lot of people have been asking me to add...

    auto add latest pics
    remove one pic at a time

    give it a try on the link in the OP and let me know how you get on

    02-18-2012 04:08 AM

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