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    Penny Drop Decisions

    MarketPlace Description

    Have your questions answered, arguments settled and queries sorted.
    All with the drop of a penny.
    This app will settle all in the retro style of the old penny arcades.
    Go Out/Stay in
    What to drink next
    Loves me/Loves me not
    and then as many more as you can think of as you can customise the choices of the drops.
    Just pick up the penny and drop it through the pegs to make the choice for you.

    As far as prediction apps go (and there are a few on the phone, numerous Magic 8 Ball for starts), this one takes a new/retro approach which is quite refreshing. If you need arguments settled or you are up against a fork in the road this app will decide all.

    The physics engine it uses seems really smooth and the coin falls in a realistic and totally random way making sure each result is not from a set pattern. The custom choices are also a great way of adding limitless possibilities.
    This app will provide hours of fun and settle countless quandaries.
    • Totally random
    • Infinite choices thanks to the custom choice
    • Cool physics
    • Only in English, but the custom choices could be any language
    • Can’t save custom choice

    Score 8.5/10
    Penny Drop Decisions is available for free from the marketplace here - Zune.net
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