View Poll Results: Which brain hemisphere of yours is nimbler?

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  • The Left -- math is what I do best!

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  • The Right -- art is my passion!

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  • Both -- I am good at numbers and mixing colors!

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  1. zigah's Avatar
    want to spread some news about Twinoo LITE for Windows Phone 7 we recently released at Dawn of Play, our fresh new game development studio!

    Logic and art come together in this simple and brilliant game.
    Get ready to teach your brain some new stuff!

    * train your brain - both of the hemispheres at the same time!
    * mix colors on the right
    * solve simple math problems on the left
    * use both of your brain hemispheres together to beat the time!

    How to play:
    * Solve simple math equations on the left side and color mixing equations on the right side by tapping on one of the three answers given below each equation.
    * The math includes adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing numbers from 1 to 9.
    * Color mixing works like mixing watercolors or crayons - also see the color wheel (by Johannes Itten) in the Help menu

    Join the 5 million players who already jumped aboard the Twinoo Brain Train!


    Zune link:

    Website, where you can play Twinoo in your browser:

    Twinoo | Facebook
    Dawn of Play | Facebook

    Twinoo (TwinooTheGame) on Twitter
    Dawn of Play (dawnofplay) on Twitter

    Also, you can vote for Twinoo for Windows Phone 7 in our local Windows Phone 7 contest here:
    Windows Phone 7 competition high scores - ne �akaj na maj, glasuj za Twinoo že zdaj!
    Just click LIKE next to Twinoo or in the top banner to vote. :)

    May the best brain hemisphere win!
    08-11-2011 06:34 AM

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