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    I have developed a simple application for internal use in our company. Since it is
    very useful to us, I decided to make some changes and publish it on Windows Phone Marketplace.

    The application sends notifications to your Windows Phone device about entries,
    that are written to Microsoft Windows Event Log on your computer. It uses Microsoft Push Notification Service for that. More information and install
    instructions can be found here: EL-Monitor.

    The application is currently in beta. I know there is a lot room for improvement and new features.
    If enough interest is shown, I will devote a little more time and include them in future releases.

    If you like the idea/application please visit EL-Monitor and leave a Like. Also any comments and suggestions are welcome.

    Home page: EL-Monitor

    Download Link: App for phone, App for PC
    09-04-2011 11:32 AM