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    I have just released a new version of Sums.
    Sums is a simple game, yet very challenging. Download the game, go to the game menu and switch from "One Way" to "Round Trip". Just peak a number in the token (S) row. Look at the total score, play a little and you'll understand the game goal. Now see if you can win the phone. If you can't, go to the "Easy" level. If you succeeded winning in "Evil" mode, let me know! In Round Trip mode I have won all the levels up to "Hard" , but not above it.
    Download from here: zune://navigate/?appID=f58e31d1-bb6e-4c99-aa72-18de45c6e05f
    A new version is under development. In this version you will be able to play again old boards as well as to enter game code to share boards between players.
    I will release a trial version with all the features of the current free version with some of the new features and a full version without ads that will cost $1.29.
    Please provide feedback and suggestions.
    10-23-2011 07:41 PM

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