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    Hi all, first post here. You may of heard of my othe apps which include Traffic and travel Uk and Motorway services UK, but enough about them :)

    Ive launched a new app today.

    Paking Pal UK. This is a first for Windows Phone in the UK.


    Here's the blurb:

    Parking Pal UK is a unique Windows Phone App helping you to choose the best value UK car parking facilities around.

    Search over 14,000 UK car parks with Parking Pal's comprehensive and current database, to find available parking spaces, price comparisons and additional useful information.


    - Car parking information is obtained from the most comprehensive database of car parks in the UK, with over 90 % of car park information updated annually. (no on-street parking)
    - Rapid car park location and price information.
    - Choice of using Bing or Google maps.
    - Searches can be filtered to narrow down leads. For example, by toilet availability or locations holding safer parking awards.
    - In-built 'reminder' function- to record where you are parked and note parking ticket expiry time.

    Features included in the Windows Phone 7.5 version

    - Live tile with currently parked space information, and ticket expiry time.
    - Ticket expiry reminder alarm.

    The next version coming soon will include realtime space information for a growing list of car parks.

    Any feedback much appreciated.
    Looking to redesign the interface in the next version.
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