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    Find The Lady Premium is a fresh new game that is certain to keep you entertained.
    Based on the famous card-trick game Find The Lady/Three-Card Monte, the goal of the game is pretty straightforward: make as much (in-game)money as you can, betting on the right card.

    The main gameplay involves playing through three different levels. The game gets progressively longer and more difficult with each level, which means you will definitely need to keep both eyes on the lady at all times!
    The money you win can be submitted in the Highscore menu, in which you'll be able to see where you stand in the Global ranking as a "lady follower".

    You can also practice the trade of the Hustler on your friends, in Be The Hustler mode, where you get to shuffle and rearrange the cards, challenging your friends into finding the right one!

    Some Features include:
    * Global Highscore Rankings
    * Easy to use, intuition based controls and game mechanics.
    * Be The Hustler mode (more info in link below)
    * Play music from your own collection as background music.
    * Game progress is saved when navigating out.

    A Trial Version is also available which features the first level of the game.
    Marketplace link: Find The Lady Premium(1.49$)
    Zune link: Find The Lady Premium(1.49$)

    Some Screenshots of the game:

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    Hey guys,

    We just released our updated version, Find The Lady Premium v1.2.

    A few changes include:
    • Added New Hint System - Focused players are rewarded and even higher highscores are achievable!
    • Added Scare Mode - Prank your friend with this mode and watch them get the life scared out of them!
    • Balanced Gameplay - Adjusted the difficulty for a more challenging experience.
    • Fixed minor bugs.

    To Try or purchase the game visit these links:
    Marketplace: Find The Lady Premium(1.49$/1.49)
    Zune: Find The Lady Premium(1.49$/1.49)
    12-20-2011 07:00 AM
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    Hey guys,

    Find The Lady Premium (v1.2) is now on sale!

    New Price: 0.99$ / 0.99.

    Limited Time Offer - The game will be on sale until the next update!

    To Try or purchase the game, visit these links:
    Marketplace: Find The Lady Premium(0.99$/0.99)
    Zune: Find The Lady Premium(0.99$/0.99)
    02-04-2012 09:59 AM

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