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    Recently posted my first game to for Windows called LostKeys (, an homage to the original Tecmo game Solomon's Key from 1984. Original 1.1 drop contains 6 levels but I'm working to add all of the original levels and a bunch of my own design.

    I'm also working on a "full" version that will be a new experience with similar game-play (3D platformer). This will be out early next year.

    Feedback appreciated!
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    The LostKeys 1.3 update has just gone live. This should address crashes seen by some users (I've never seen one on my Samsung Focus or HTC Surround test phones). Performance has also been improved and several smaller logic issues addressed.

    So far, the only feedback I've seen is that for this kind of game some users would prefer a virtual joystick and buttons. I've always been against this kind of implementation, "use what the hardware gives you", which is why I've implemented using the accelerometer and touch. Any thoughts on this? Please download and give me feedback!

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    12-15-2011 10:23 AM

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