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    In Train Trouble you operate a rail network to guide your trains to stations. You have to avoid train collisions and you have to optimize train routes to pick up passengers as early as possible to score more points. You can control the switches, stop or speed boost trains. There are several unlockable levels of increasing difficulty. Train Trouble is a brain teaser and it’s real time nature makes it challanging and varied. The leaderboard allows you to compete for highscores with players from all over the world.


    - unlockable levels of increasing difficulty
    - control speed boost and stops of up to three trains
    - up to three passenger types
    - real time
    - online leaderboard
    - localization for English, German, Spanish
    - free of charge

    Game can be downloaded here
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    New Update of the game was released. It now includes a Spanish translation and the Level 4 was tweaked.

    Check out the game video of Train Trouble .
    03-02-2012 04:01 AM