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    Hi guys,

    [imgl]https://windowsphone.create.msdn.com/Secure/Dashboard/FileVendor.aspx?fileid=cdc659ec-a993-4766-8f66-c8a5847232e2[/imgl] We have just released a beta of our first WP7 game - Pirate Tales. The game is a casual 2D action shooter. Basically you are a captain of a pirate ship and your goal is to control your ship, fight with the enemies, gather gold and use it to upgrade your ship. You can kill the enemy ships by shooting them with your cannons or boarding the enemy ship and fight the enemy crew in a "hand-to-hand fighting".

    I really hope, that many people will enjoy the game. It will be FREE!

    The game has been released today at BETA stage. It is not public yet and the official release will have some extras in addition to the beta version. There are still slots for beta testing, so if someone is interested, please send your LiveID(e-mail) at piratetales@phone-ninjas.com and become one of the first Pirate Tales players.

    Sign up for Pirate Tales beta by sending your LiveID HERE!

    Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of Rum!

    P.S. For the most curious I am attaching some screenshots, but strongly reccomend to experience the game at first hand. ;-)
    11-14-2011 12:42 PM
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    Sweet :) I really enjoyed the beta.
    11-15-2011 04:12 AM

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