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    This is my first WP7 game and also the very first Czech game on Windows Phone Marketplace.
    It's a remake of original Czech snake-like puzzle game Vlak (Train) from year 1993 - DOS FTW ;)
    Your goal is simple - pick up all the cargo in each level and reach the gate. Can you beat all 50 levels?

    Beware, the game is pretty addictive! I remember how I spent lot of days playing this piece on our first 386 machine at home :)
    Game is available in English and Czech, but there is not much text at all, so don't worry about the language barrier.
    Trial is full-featured and ad-free, the only difference from full game is occasional popup with Trial notice.


    Direct download link

    QR code for simple downloading, just use Bing Vision

    But that's not all folks, the development is still not over - I plan to add several new features:
    better level select page with level statistics and replay option; better 'help' screen with pictures 'how to play' and also online stats showing best players with least steps, stay tuned! :rolleyes:
    11-21-2011 03:10 PM

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