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    SM Reader - is an ebook reader for a mobile phone (OS: Windows Phone 7), which allows users to create their own private online library, read books on the phone, PC or other device, which support Silverlight 4. In this case, the book can be uploaded from a home PC (using the control panel, which is available on www.smreader.com for users) and public libraries from the phone (using the built-in browser of libraries in the phone).

    Through the use of cloud computing we have achieved a top speed of processing books in various popular formats (TXT, FB2, EPUB, HTML). To reduce the size of books and saving your traffic all the books adapted to the phone (picture reduced to 800x400 px, books are compressed with the maximum level of compression). Thus, 95% of the book in your library takes up less size than it had in its original format.

    Key features

    Supported formats: FB2, TXT, EPUB, HTML.
    Ability to change the font size (6 sizes).
    Customizable display pages (9 of standard templates and the ability to create your own).
    Search by keyword.
    Easy navigation.
    Saving the state when the application exits.
    Compression of images and text (reduces traffic when downloading books to your phone)
    Various interface languages.
    Catalogue of most popular libraries

    * Until 01/16/2011 you can use free subscription.

    Service coordinates
    Conpany: SEAGEMICRO
    Service URL: www.smreader.com
    Zune Marketplace URL: DOWNLOAD
    Windows Phone Marketplace URL: DOWNLOAD
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