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    [APP-TITLE] Arcadia Scan [R]
    [DATE POSTED] 03.03.2010
    [UPDATE] 05.22.2014

    UPDATE 2.1

    MAJ: UPDATE 2.1 22.05.2014

    News Updates 2.1
    *Complete change of the entire interface. Style (Windows 8 tiles)
    *Adding the function of port scanner machine range on some defined ports
    *Total redesign of the console application (DOS) integrated with a lot of new features
    *Removing menus (Virus, network addressing, Ip scan) still being innovation
    *All ping and scan functions now work with network sockets phone and not the webservice
    *Improved Converter menu and allows copy / paste
    *Scan web menu enhanced with new features and new type of scan page

    Utility system and network scanner commands and tools.
    Collect given your current connection or a remote machine:

    - Ping Command
    - Network Scanner
    - Web Cleaner - scan
    - Analyze the ports of a machine
    - Information on description ports
    - Information on current network
    - Calculation and conversion binary / decimal / octal etc. ..
    - MS-DOS Console for Windows Phone with multiple functions!
    Support Langages : French - English - Deutsh

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    Hello world! I only came to announce the updated version 2.0 of my application for people who may be interested.
    Please feel free to comment me my application to allow an improvement in next update ..
    04-07-2012 10:06 AM
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    Hi, i'm comming annonce the new update :
    "Arcadia Scan" Version 2.1

    A big update after 3 years

    Please left me some news and comments
    Description of my post is update
    05-22-2014 11:39 AM