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    “Hasta la Muerte” is released on XBLA for Windows Phone 7. Discover this true artistic treasure!

    Hasta la Muerte is a game like no other. The sound design, the innovative graphicsand the original background, everything has been design to offer a new experience. In Hasta la Muerte, you incarnate Death ! Your mission : driving the souls of those whose the time has come towards the eternal sleep. One second out of focus and it gets catastrophic : those souls, lost and inconsolable, will restlessly pursue you to kick you back to limbo.
    Accessible to everyone, this “survival-platformer” offers a “chase-be chased” punchy gameplay, in the manner of famous Pacman.
    During this journey the player will be aided by “Soulpets”. These souls will give their abilities : speed, stealth, protection and many more. As well as facilitating the player’s mission, these powers will allow him to come back to levels in order to find additional bonuses and hidden treasures.
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    12-23-2011 12:44 PM