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    Merry Xmas!
    How can Snack Studio miss such a special holiday that people share happiness?

    Snack Studio will gift all WP7er a excellent App:
    [+]Sexy Roulette

    This App will be absolutely FREE only for Christmas!
    Hurry up and go get it!!

    "I want something different! Something particular!!"
    "Honey, you can make a better performance! Just be more concentrate..."
    "I am tired, how about tomorrow..."
    "You're not love me any more, are you?!"

    Ah? Sounds familiar? That's not a good sign...

    Of course you are hot while you are using the hotEST phone in the world.
    But that's it?

    NO!! You deserve more!!

    Midnight+™ Sexy Roulette!

    Make you Hot on the bed !

    *Hundreds of positions with non-duplicate!
    *Detail descriptions with sexy illustration!
    *Luxury and Gorgeous Visual design!
    *Sexy sound-activated design! Blow it baby! Blow it!
    *Hotness Rating.

    So? What are you waiting for?!

    GO GET IT!!
    Then,Good~Night,ladies and gentlemen;)
    ** You may check out all the Apps by Searching "Snack Studio" **

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    Seems like the shake to bring new position on iKamasutra. I want to give this a try but looks fishy.
    12-24-2011 08:23 AM