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    Just making a post about my WP7 app, Quick Tiles. Quick Tiles is a live tile editor where I tried to add the most flexibility with the look you can get from your tiles. The options include:

    - Background color options that let you select any color including your phone theme.
    - Lots of default background images to use as well as functionality to import your own.
    - Frame images that can be applied on top of tiles like photo frames or wood and metal footers.
    - Image filters like sepia, grayscale, and vintage (this only works for note tiles for now)

    In addition to the styling options, Quick Tiles can have different functions. Currently the tile types are:

    - Note and Photo tiles that let you add a photo or reminder note to your home screen.
    - Countdown tiles that will countdown the days and hours to selected date.
    - Moon phase tiles that show the current phase of the moon.
    - Command tiles that allow the creation of shortcuts.
    - City clock tiles that will display the date in a selected city.
    - Network tiles that show some of the phone's connection information.
    - Memory tiles that show total available phone memory.

    With the exception of the images filters, all theming options can be applied to all the different tile types.

    The next update of the app will have appointment tiles that show your next scheduled appointment in your calendar. It will also add tile templates, which are some good-looking predesigned themes that you can quickly apply to tiles. Here are a few screenshots of what the new templates will look like.

    Template Options
    Applied Templates

    Quick tiles has a trial mode that has full functionality for the tile designers, the limit is that it only allows a single tile pinned to the home screen at a time.

    Quick tiles is now at version 1.2 in the WP7 marketplace, so I have worked through a good deal of bugs, but am sure there are still things that need to be fixed or good features that could be added. Please let me know your thoughts on the app as well as any bugs found or feature additions you think would be useful.

    Thanks for taking the time to check out the app.
    12-30-2011 03:38 PM
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    Just adding some info that version 1.3 has been submitted to the marketplace for testing so will be available soon. This is a rather good update with lots added for customization. Here is a sample of some themed tiles.

    If you're interested in the update, you can see a couple more screenshots at the Korhaan Blog.

    Thanks for reading.
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    01-06-2012 03:57 AM
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    Just would like to mention some new stuff for quick tiles. Version 1.3 is now in the marketplace adding quick templates, background effects, icons, and a new Appointment tile that will show your next two upcoming calendar entries. Here are screenshots with some of the features in version 1.3. The screenshots are 1) Newspaper theme 2) Default phone theme with diagonal lines background effect applied, and 3) Metal theme.

    There's now a blog that will keep you up to date with new features, as well as some tips for using the app. The latest post on creating tinted images is here:
    Quick Tiles Tips #1, Tinting Images | Korhaan Blog

    Version 1.4 is in the works and currently features "Bulk Templating" which will allow you to quickly change all your saved tiles to a different theme.

    If you have any feedback or feature requests please let me know.

    01-19-2012 01:29 AM